Twin With Your BFF This Friendship Day

Twin With Your BFF This Friendship Day

Birds of a feather flock together is a famous proverb. And more often than not, it is also witnessed that people of the same interests gel up well. People find similarities in interests, clothing, and food, among other things. So, if you have a friend with whom you share the same interests in many things, there are high chances that you might also share the same choices in clothing.

Twin Up on this friendship day with Raisin

In this blog we are going to give you ideas on how you and your best friend can twin up on this friendship day with Raisin.

Why Raisin?

At Raisin, we believe that comfort is fundamental to fashion. Hence, we fabricate the most comfortable range of clothing, which is the perfect blend of Indian culture and modern structure. Our designs are created keeping in mind today’s modernity and with an ethnic touch incorporated surreally into pleasant shades, trendy prints and pleasant, cosy fabrics.
Now let’s get started with the blog.

Twinning Way 1 - Dresses

When girls step out with the aim of twinning, the first thing they pick up is a dress. That is just a rule that girls follow!

Yellow Flared Dress

Grey Plain Slub Dress

Twinning Way 2 - Co-ord Sets

Twinning in comfy co-ord sets is another level of twinning. If you and your BFF both like comfy co-ord sets, here is a chance to make your bond stronger.

Viscose Rayon Crop Top With Pants

Grey Cotton Crop Top With Pants

Twinning Way 3 - Blazer Sets

Thinking of twinning with your BFF in power clothing? An absolute YES!

Copper Jacquard Banarasi Brocade Blazer Set

Dark Green Jacquard Banarasi Brocade Blazer Set

Twinning way 4 - Sarees

An absolute sight to behold happens when two best friends get ready in traditional wear like sarees and look the most beautiful together like this.

Brown Floral Organza Saree With Zari Checks

Liked our recommendations on the ways you can twin with your BFF? How about the options we recommended? We are sure that if you like these, your BFF will like them too.

Check out our online women’s clothing store to check out a wide variety of clothing items in which you can pair with your BFF. And don’t worry about looking good or being comfortable, because Raisin takes care of all those things for you.

So hurry up, and make plans with your BFF this friendship Day, and twin with her in all the amazing clothes from Raisin.

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