Going #beyondcolours With Raisin: Latest Pride Month Outfit Ideas 2022

Going #beyondcolours With Raisin: Latest Pride Month Outfit Ideas 2022

June is Pride month and a month to be proud of the identity you have chosen for yourself. Pride month and colours are very intricately related as the pride flag has all the beautiful colours of this world.

Raisin is going beyond colour and accepting people with whatever personality they choose to bear.

In this blog, we are going to recommend some of the trendiest outfit ideas for all the porous queers from the Raisin un-gender biassed collection. And of course, since it's pride month, expect everything in super bright colours.

The importance of colours in the Pride Month and LGBTQ+ Flag-

A little history time, it is important to know the major happenings related to this month -

The Rainbow-colored flags that radiate in the Pride Month celebrations are a symbol that represents some complex emotions. Since at least 1978, the LGBTQ+ movement has been represented by the Pride Flag. The flag has changed over the last 40 or so years from a symbol to a statement as more people have come to accept it and use it to publicly proclaim their identities and, occasionally, affiliations.

“Pink represented sexuality in the original eight-colour form, while red symbolised life, orange health, yellow the sun, green the nature/earth, turquoise creativity, indigo harmony, and violet the soul.”

Colours play a very important role in the world. Without colour, everything is just the same.
In the outfits that we are going to recommend now, you will never have a dull moment because these bright colours will radiate all the positivity, not just on you but also on the people around you.

So let’s get started -


Pink is a beautiful colour and we know you all love it equally as we do. Although we have a lot of recommendations here, these are our absolute favourites


Red is a super powerful colour. In the flag also it represents life.
Our recommendations -


Orange is the most trending colour of this season, and well who doesn’t like this colour, yeah?


Summers without yellow are impossible. This evergreen colour has to be a part of this flag and this colour needs to be in your life too because yellow radiates positivity.

Raisin Global Recommendations:


Green is for nature and nature gives you peace. So if you want peace and harmony, check out our recommendation -


The most talked about and widely loved colour is a part of the most happening flag. What a combo.

Want to see our recommendations?


Indigo is for harmony. You will not be able to control yourself from buying these Indigo coloured clothes from Raisin.

Raisin Global Recommendations

Come on, these recommendations are exclusively for you 

Violet -

Violet is the soul colour and it surely gives your soul the solace it craves.

Raisin Global Recommendations

These were all the beautiful and vibrant colours that are present in the LGBTQ+ flag. And honestly, aren’t these colours the major colours we all love?

When we love these colours, why don’t we love the people who come in different colours and identities?

Let that strong thought linger in your mind for a while. And since you love our recommendations so much, check out www.raisinglobal.com to find the best quality ethnic and western wear clothing.