Set These Summers With Co-rd Sets

Set These Summers With Co-rd Sets

Summers are here and we are excited to set our wardrobes for summers again. Do you know what is trending in the fashion industry?

If you ask us one style of clothing that is winning millions of hearts, then it has to be - Co-ord sets. We can describe co-ord sets in just three words, and those three words would be - cool, comfortable and stylish.

People are going all out and are choosing Co-ord sets over any other kind of clothing. But why? What is so special about them? Why are celebrities, fashion freaks, influencers and common people going crazy for this trend?

Let us tell you.

Why are co-ord sets the best kind of clothing?

1 You get an entire outfit - We all might have a top or a bottom that we bought thinking that we will find a pair for it and will pair it up with something interesting, but instead, that piece of clothing never got a pair and you couldn’t wear it. With Co-ord sets, you will never have to stress about pairing different pieces of clothing together to make a perfect outfit. Co-ord set is the perfect outfit that you could buy and wear and you also won’t stress about anything.

2 Don’t need to stress about styling - There was a time when people used to search for top wear and then look for appropriate bottom wear and then accessories, and after that, they used to get an outfit. But co-ord sets have made this task easy for everybody. Just grab a Co-ord set that appeals to you and grab an accessory that goes with it, and you are good to go.

3 They can be worn separately - When you buy a Co-ord set, you are actually buying two outfits for the price of one. Who said you cannot wear the pieces separately? So basically it is a win-win situation and a total “Paisa-wasool.”

4 They look trendy and stylish - You might just see a celebrity, an influencer or a really fashionable person in a Co-ord set every now and then. This explains that Co-ord sets are one of the most popular and stylish clothing. Co-ord sets are actually running the fashion industry as more and more designers are trying their hands in making new designs and styles of this kind of clothing.

5 You get a variety of options - C-ord sets are so flexible that you will find all the styles and silhouettes in this category. Want a mini skirt Co-ord set, A Co-ord set with cargo pants, top and shorts Co-ord set, Skirt and crop top set, you say it and you’ll get it.

6 Suits multiple occasions - You will be able to find a Co-ord set for every occasion. Think of an event or an occasion and you will be able to find a Co-ord set fit for it.

7 Suits everybody - Co-ord sets are made for all body types, for all the sizes, basically everybody. Everybody can find a Co-ord set according to their style and can look stylish.

For those hot and uncomfortable days of Summer, you can choose Co-ord sets in materials that are light and airy. Co-ord sets in breathable fabrics like Cotton are easily available.

This summer lower the mercury by looking and feeling super cool in Co-ord sets. Wondering from where you could buy good quality Co-ord sets? Search no more because Raisinis here to help. We have a wide variety of Co-ord sets. Check out the Co-ord sets on our website from both Raisin Contemporary and Raisin Western.

Let us help you a little more and list down some of our top recommended Co-ord sets for you.

Raisin Contemporary -


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Check out these Co-ord sets and pick out your favourites. Happy shopping!

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