Fabrics, Colours To Wear This Winter Season

Fabrics, Colours To Wear This Winter Season

Winter is in its full swing.Every year winter comes with a new lowest temperature record and it is important for you to know all the fabrics and colours that would help you stay warm yet stylish.

Many people are unaware that certain fabrics and colours are more appropriate for winters than others. Your summer closet will not help you in the winters and vice versa. Therefore, we are here to tell you the best fabrics and colours you should wear this winter season to keep yourself warm and also to look stylish.

What are the Perfect fabrics for Winter?

The collection of winter fabrics and colours for your closet is huge. But there are certain fabrics that are a big YES to be worn in winters. These fabrics include -

  1. Leather and faux leather - Leather is sure to keep you warm in winters through insulation because of the thick fabric. It traps the body heat and prevents it from escaping.
  2. Wool - Wool makes for the best second layer during winters. It traps the heat close to your skin to make you feel warm.
  3. Fur and faux fur - Fur is a popular choice during winters, thanks to the inspiration from the furry animals. It does not let the heat escape from the body, thereby keeping you warm.
  4. Fleece - Fleece is not just warm but also lightweight. And you must have seen the fleece leggings that are gaining popularity these days on social media. They are perfect for a casual outfit.
  5. Denims - A good pair of thick and skinny jeans would keep you warm because it remains in contact with the skin and does not allow hot air to escape.

The above mentioned fabrics are perfect to be worn in western outfits.

  1. Cotton - Cottons is the best fabric to be worn over the thermals and under woollen clothes. This ensures that absolutely no heat escapes.
  2. Silks - Silk acts as a natural thermal regulator as air is captured between the silk threads to keep you warm.
  3. Velvet - Velvet is the fabric which is opted for by everybody during winters. Not only is it cozy but also keeps you warm.

Are the fabrics you opt for when you want to wear Indian ethnic wear and traditional outfits in winters.

All of these winter fabrics have a particular thing in common which makes them winter appropriate. All these fabrics have high insulation. That means that these fabrics trap the heat near the skin which therefore, makes you warm. Because of the fact that you always need to wear more clothes in the winters, the fabrics you choose need to be comfortable as well as warm.

Apart from the fabric, the colour of the fabric plays a vital role too. The fabric fashion in India depends both on the texture of the fabric and also on the colour.

What are the Perfect Colours for Winter?

You must have noticed that most of the winter clothes are in dark shades. Colours like grey, brown, and black are found to dominate all the other shades in winters. The weather in the winter season can be gloomy but your outfits must not be. There should be more options in the list of colours other than these limited hues. Therefore, we recommend you to try

  1. Yellows and golds
  2. Beige, browns, and copper
  3. Greens
  4. Purples
  5. Reds and burgundies
  6. Blues

Each of these shades offer a considerable contrast to the otherwise dull winter outfits. These will surely brighten up your winter closet. Adding these vibrant shades will go a long way to lower the impact of the gloomy winter days.

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