Get Summer Festive Ready With Raisin! Our Top Looks

Get Summer Festive Ready With Raisin! Our Top Looks

Rock your summer festive looks with Raisin. Check out the top looks on this blog.

Summers are in their full swing and so are the various festivities. Weddings, functions and all kinds of gatherings in summers are due for you, then you need to look the most special and your best in all of them. Want to look a little more stylish from others? Don’t worry, Raisin will help you out choose the best looks for yourself. In this blog we are going to present all of our favourite summer festive pieces that would make you look even more stylish and the life of the party.

So without wasting any more time, let’s hop straight into the blog.

Raisin has upgraded itself

Raisin has a wide range of collections, styles and pieces. We have recently made our collection more elaborate for you, but in a sorted way. You can now choose your style from two collections - Contemporary and Western.

In the contemporary section, we have a wide range of collections of Kurtis, Kurta sets, dresses, Co-ord sets, Crop tops and skirts, Blazer sets, Tunics, Bottoms, and Sarees.

We also have collections like Zaira and Aika in contemporary wear.

Our Aika collection is one of its kind collection that has tailored pieces that would revolutionise your style sense and overall look.

About the collection

AIKA is a reflection of many moods bringing together a feeling of solidarity. It is a graceful Weave Of traditional and modern unifying contemporary style.

#BoldIsTheNewGold stands for the idea that being bold and different is the newest trend and Standing out is the new gold rather than blending in. Rise above the ordinary this festive season and reflect on your own style.

We have seen a lot of traditional weaves being transformed into contemporary fashion wear but this collection oozes urbanity.

Transforming the traditional Indian Banarasi weaves into contemporary wear like dresses, pant suits and skirt-blazer co-ord set, while doing full justice to both the styles makes this collection a timeless masterpiece.

This collection screams style that will suit every woman because whatever your style may be, it always has some connection with your roots and the designs and material of this collection has been curated in a way that takes us back to our very strong roots. These outfits can very efficiently be worn as a day outfit and with proper accessorising can look very well as night outfits. Wear this outfit at festivals, parties or even at special meetings in the office. The versatility of these outfits makes this collection a must-have for every woman.

Top looks from Aika

Let us show you some outfits that you can wear this holiday season that will make you appear chic and stylish.

  1. Golden Jacquard Banarasi Brocade Blazer With Pant - This blazer and pant combination is the epitome of stylish attire.The golden colour perfectly encapsulates the celebratory clothing atmosphere. The blazer has 3/4-length sleeves, which is power dressing, but the banarasi brocade fabric provides a feminine touch. The pants have been carefully selected to provide a flawless fit.
  2. Rust Jacquard Banarasi Brocade A-Line Dress - The dress is in a contemporary rust colour and features a detailed embroidery design. The V-neck provides your neck a nice shape. The sleeves are 3/4 length to provide optimal comfort and to give the arms a beautiful form. The dress falls just beyond the knees, which is considered the optimum dress length.
  3. Golden Jacquard Banarasi Brocade A-line Jacket with Pant - This jacket and pant combo will appear to be tailored specifically for you.The jacket is sleeveless and quite long. The collar is embellished. The pants are designed to match the jacket, making this an extremely stylish co-ord pair. This set appears to be rich due to the fabric.
  4. Pink Jacquard Banarasi Brocade A-line dress - Gone are the days when women wore uninteresting outfits. Now is the time to play around with your personal style. Get this stunning garment made of Banarasi Brocade fabric for yourself. This sleeveless dress has a deep V-neckline and a strappy back. The dress's distinctive neckline adds to its appeal. The dress has an A-line form that flatters all body types. The dress is the perfect length for a dress, ending just below the knees. Pink is a colour that will never go out of style. This festive season, get your hands on this dress.
  5. Pink Jacquard Banarasi Brocade A-line Jacket with Pant - Clothing in the bohemian style is the newest trend that is regaining popularity, and speaking along these lines Raisin offers this stunning pink jacket and pant combination for you that will bring out your inner hippie. The stylish A-line jacket has a full front opening. The flared pants are made of the same fabric and colour as the top. The collection's star is this co-ord set. This set is couture because of the delicate design and the gleaming fabric.

These were some of our top recommendations from Raisin’s AIKA collection. You can get your hands on this luxurious collection and look like a sight to behold. So hurry up and check out to get your hands on the best summer festive wear for this festive season.

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