Your Summer Fashion Color Guide

Your Summer Fashion Color Guide

Summer is the ideal time to experiment with your clothes.

Experimenting with your style and evolving it with time to suit your personality is necessary. As summer brings with it the liberty to wear a lot of colors, it is the perfect time of the year to gain back all the confidence through styling your outfits in a better way. You can mix and match different colors and try to find your style in between all of these. Color blocking is also super trendy right now. Experimenting with different shades of colors is equally likable by people in the fashion industry. This is the reason you find a new shade of color suddenly becoming the biggest trend. But it is difficult to know the trending colors as fashion changes every minute and it is even more difficult to know the summer-appropriate colors to start trying them out. Which is why we are here. We are going to tell you all the trending colors of this season. 

1. Teal-

Teal is a beautiful cyan-green color that is currently making waves in the fashion world. This color is super vibrant and steals all the hearts when worn on a sunny day. It somehow reminds us of the soothing aqua color. The soothing effect this color gives just by looking at it is all the vibes we want during the searing summer days. It is difficult to add a completely new shade of color to your wardrobe but this color never felt new. It somehow just fits in the entire color palette that we have been seeing over the years. This quality has helped it gain a lot of praise.

Raisin Global brings to you Teal Woven Straight Crop Top With Pant. This co-ord set from their new collection “Songs of Summer’ is a must have in your wardrobe. The beautiful teal color compliments this fashion forward co-ord set really well. The top is made to look like a vest and crop top combination, which looks so smart. The pants give the haute couture vibes. Wear it during a day function or to a party at night, all the eyes are going to be on you, both because of the color and look of the garment.

2. Wine Grey-

As unique as it sounds, this color comes in the list of favorites of a majority of people. Yes, we are talking about that beautiful shade of purple which is hard to explain. Thanks to the fashion experts we now have a name for this color. This is such a trending color right now that you are going to find anything and everything in this color ranging from dresses to handbags and even heels. Lady Gaga vibes much? Finally, people are coming out of their shells to accept the beauty of this color. The sultry vibes it has are all that we crave for. Isn’t it?

Raisin Global has made this color available off the rack through its Wine Grey Polyester Dhoti Set. Raisin Global has adopted this color in a very unique way. Dying this in muslin fabric, which is an ideal fabric for summers, a speciality of Bengal and neighbouring areas and making a dhoti set out of it, which is a typical Indian attire, is how Raisin has totally revolutionized this color. Flaunt this color paired up with some silver jewellery to a function to tell the world that you are the queen of the latest fashion trends.

3. Multicolor-

Girls always have ‘nothing-to-wear’. This insufficiency is the guiding force of designers to experiment and as they say, necessity is the mother of invention, multicolor must have been made in an attempt to satisfy girls for some days. But fortunately, this combination worked and it has been made a part of our list of trending summer colors. A journey truly appreciable. And on one of those days, when you can't decide your outsit and your wardrobe seems boring and monotonous, you will find your day saviour in a multicolor outfit. No, we are not telling you to wear all the bright colors altogether, we are telling you to make a multicolored garment a part of your wardrobe. The versatility of a multicolor garment would only be fairly understood on days when you will be running late for office or college. You can literally pair it with any of the basic colors like black or white and voila, you are all dressed up. Without putting in any effort you instantly start looking all dolled up. These outfits do not require a lot of accessorizing too. Simplicity is the key rule with these and what else do you need on some days.

Raisin’s Ranjish Multicolored Muslin & Modal Kurti is a garment that can bring out the best in you. A kurti is the most comfortable garment for hot summer days and you just have to pair it with your favourite pair of bottoms and rule the world.

4. Baby Pink-

No, it is not a girly girl color as even men are accepting the beauty of this color for some time now, breaking all the stigmas of society. A mentionable example was of a men's kabaddi team that were made to wear pink jerseys and they carried it off with pride. No matter what people say, never shy away from wearing such a beautiful color as baby pink. How beautifully has man captured the blush of a newborn baby onto its clothes! Green always comes to our mind when someone mentions a color closest to nature. But it's time to talk about the so-called insignificant others. This color has constantly been in trend for quite some time now and we wonder not why. The supremacy of this color can be understood from the simple fact that all the big fashion houses of the fashion world are launching their new range of clothes in the baby pink shade. The ensemble is looked up to as a benchmark by others. Monochrome looks of this color are getting back in trend as both men and women are gravitating toward this color.

Babe Pink Printed Cotton A-Line Dress from Raisin Global is the perfect outfit for summer days when you truly want to feel like yourself. The soft color will make you look fresh and supple.

5. White-

White and summer have been friends since the very beginning. No other color can surpass the comfort and coolness this color provides. White can be very safely called the spinal cord of dyeing. It can be said that the fashion industry started from the color white and now we have a colossal amount of shades and hues of uncountable colors, some of which we even don't know the name of. Well, we know we need not convince you to try out this color because hardly anyone would be alive without having a garment of this color in their wardrobe. The ‘black versus white war’ people also truly believe that it is a very chic color. It screams royalty. Maybe that is why not a lot of people can carry off an all white outfit or even maintain this high-end color. From veteran Bollywood star Dharmendra to new age actress Anushka Sharma, all are fans of this pure color. We do accept that choosing a white outfit can be difficult at times.

Raisin Global brings to you  White Ikkat Printed Cotton Tunic. Now worry no more. Just grab this white ikat tunic and your favourite pair of bottoms and you are good to go out on a sunny summer day.

6. Rust-

Rust made an entry into the fashion industry when people were tired of the Orange and Baba colors and the reputation of the Orange family colors was at stake. It became famous due to its resemblance with iron oxide. Funny enough but it actually helped it to be popular among the youngsters. Undoubtedly, rust made waves as soon as it was launched for the first time. Thanks to Bollywood and other regional films, this color, in a very short span of time, gained wide popularity. With time we got to know that it was not a new color. The attires of kings and also the queens had a lot of rust along with gold embroidery work. But thanks to the recurring nature of fashion, this color is back on the fashionable list. We can envision a lot of color blocking with rust. This color has gained so much popularity that in at least one of the wedding functions either the bride is adorned in this beautiful color or the bridesmaids are made to wear matching rust outfits. Fashion does work in weird ways of its own.

Raisin Global is a brand that keeps up with the new fashion trends and therefore, its Rust Embroidery Janvi Jacquard Flared Skirt Top is our top pick. This top and skirt set very beautifully capture the whole vibe of rust. Monochrome outfits never would have looked so well put together.

7. Coral-

Nature has inspired us with a lot of different colors. People started replicating the colors they saw in nature and that is how the dyeing industry actually started. One such color that is inspired by nature is Coral. Coral is a pinkish light orange color. This color must have been a sincere work of some painter. Making a color such as this is no accident. This color was a replica of the beautiful colors of corals and reefs that were spotted at the bottom of seas and oceans. It is a color that instantly catches everybody’s attention. A vibrant color such as this truly deserves to be on the list of summer colors.

Raisin believes that today’s women are strong enough to carry off a traditional outfit but in their own unique way. That is why they have always believed in the comfort plus style mantra. Following this mantra, they present before you Coral Ethnic Motifs Woven Design Art Silk Banarasi Saree. Saree is the pride of Indian women. And when it comes in such beautiful hues then who can really resist it? How comfortable a saree is can be very well answered by our grandmothers who always used to wear sarees, actually all through their lives. Well, we are not telling you to wear sarees all the time but do try out this saree to make some fans at the next function you attend.

8. Blue-

Blue has always been and will always be in fashion no matter what. The most dominating color of the color palette, this color truly is the soul of summer vibes. The skies are worth noticing during summers and everyone craves to look as pretty as the summer sky. And No, it is not a boys’ color. The ‘Blue versus Pink' debaters also have a soft corner for blue in their hearts. Blue symbolizes serenity and don’t we all need it during the hottest days of summer?

The Blue Ikkat Printed Cotton Dress is one of our favourite picks. The blue shade of this dress leaves us enraptured. The blue supremacy is very well understood by Bollywood stars, therefore, this color is a part of ‘Bhumi’s picks’ which is a well known collection of such pieces hand-picked by Bhumi Padnekar, the very famous Bollywood Diva. This color is as strong as the roles played by Bhumi in her films. Don't listen to us but do listen to a fashionista who has voluntarily chosen blue outfits a lot of times in public appearances and in award functions. Such is the supremacy of this color. So let's extend our collection of Blue clothes in our closet and add this lovely dress to the already stunning collection.

These were the colors we are tripping on these days. All of these colors are super-nifty and summer-appropriate. We would be glad if you would try out our recommendations and add some of these colors to your wardrobe. Tell us whether you liked our list and which color you will try your hands on next. Also, tell us which is your favourite color for summer. Check out our website at to know more about the latest trends so that you don’t miss out on being a fashionista yourself.

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