Green Fashion Ideas For Navratri Day 3: Styling Tips And Outfit Inspiration

Green Fashion Ideas For Navratri Day 3: Styling Tips And Outfit Inspiration

As the vibrant festival of Navratri unfolds, each day brings with it a unique color and significance. Navratri, spanning nine nights and ten days, is a time of devotion, dance, and delightful fashion statements. Whether you're participating in the traditional Garba dance, visiting temples, or celebrating with friends and family, choosing the right color for each day is a ritual in itself. So, on the third day of Navratri, which color should you be wearing? And what's the significance of green on this auspicious day? Let's dive into the world of green Colour Navratri Outfit Ideas by Raisin!

Before we dive into the Day 3 fashion guide, make sure to explore our exquisite blue outfits for Navratri Day 1 and Charming Yellow Outfits For Navratri Day 2! Don't miss out!

Which Colour To Wear On The Third Day Of Navratri?

Navratri is all about embracing colors, and on the third day, it's all about going green! Green, the color of life, nature, and renewal, takes center stage. This lush hue represents harmony and growth, making it the perfect choice for this stage of the festival. On Navratri Day 3 you can choose a wide range of ethnic green dresses for women such as Anarkalis, Kurta Sets, Lehengas, and Sarees in different shades of green!

What Is The Significance Of Green Colour On Navratri Day 3?

On the third day of Navratri, devotees worship Goddess Chandraghanta. She is the embodiment of serenity and bravery, known to dispel all worldly woes. The green color signifies the Goddess's peaceful yet fierce nature. It reminds us to find balance in our lives, to nurture our inner strength, and to seek harmony in our actions. Green also symbolizes the earth, emphasizing our connection with nature and the importance of preserving it.

Explore Different Shades Of Green Colour Dress For Women For Navratri Day 3

1. Pista Green Embroidered Silk Flared Kurta Set Dupatta

A delicate and charming choice, this Pista Green Embroidered Silk Kurta Set Dupatta ensemble boasts intricate embroidery that mirrors the intricate beauty of nature.

Pista Green Kurta Set Dupatta

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The flared silhouette of this green kurta for women adds grace to your movements, making it perfect for evening festivities.

2. Olive Green Silk Embroidered Kurta Pant Set

For a fusion of tradition and modernity, opt for this Olive green kurta-pant set.

Olive Green Kurta For Women

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The rich olive green exudes sophistication, while the embroidery maintains a touch of traditional aesthetics.

3. Dark Green Embroidered Kurta Pant Set Dupatta

Dive into the deeper shades of green with this Dark Green Kurta For Ladies.


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The detailed embroidery captures the essence of this festive occasion, while the flowing dupatta adds a playful elegance.

4. Bottle Green Velvet Embroidered Straight Kurta Pant Set

If opulence is your style, then our Bottle green velvet kurta-pant set is your perfect match.

Velvet Embroidered Bottle Green Kurta Set

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The bottle green hue combined with lavish embroidery will make you shine as you celebrate. This velvety green dress for women is perfect for those who want to make a statement on Navratri Day 3 evening!

5. Pista Green Printed Jacquard Flared Skirt Top Set

Embrace a more contemporary look with a Pista green printed flared skirt and top set.

Pista Green Printed Skirt Top Set

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The printed jacquard design adds texture to the outfit, and the pista green keeps you aligned with the festive color theme.

6. Green Grizzly Silk Straight Kurta Pant Set

Minimalistic yet impactful, this green silk straight kurta-pant set!

Dark Green Kurta For Women

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Let the color take center stage. Its simplicity speaks volumes, making it suitable for various Navratri activities.

Best Jewellery for Ethnic Green Outfits To Create a Stunning Navratri Day 3 Look

As you prepare to celebrate the third day of Navratri in your gorgeous green outfit, don't forget that the right jewelry can elevate your look from stunning to absolutely breathtaking. Whether you're going for a traditional or contemporary style, here are some jewelry ideas to help you create a stunning Navratri Day 3 look.

1. Elegant Kundan Necklace Set

Kundan jewelry is a classic choice for traditional Indian outfits. A stunning Kundan necklace and earring set with green gemstones or pearls can add a touch of regal elegance to your ensemble. This jewelry choice beautifully captures the essence of Navratri and complements the green attire with its intricate craftsmanship.

Kundan Necklace Set

2. Jhumka Earrings

Jhumkas are a timeless favorite when it comes to Indian jewelry. Opt for a pair of jhumka earrings in shades of green, gold, or even with green gemstone accents. These earrings can be a statement piece that draws attention to your face and adds a charming touch to your overall look.


3. Bangles or Kadas

No ethnic outfit is complete without some beautiful bangles or kadas adorning your wrists. Consider stacking gold or green bangles or kadas to create a striking contrast with your green outfit. The tinkling sound of bangles as you move will only enhance your festive aura.


4. Maang Tikka

A maang tikka can be the showstopper of your look. Choose a maang tikka that complements your green attire and enhances your hairstyle. It's a symbol of grace and tradition that can instantly elevate your entire appearance.

Maang Tikka

5. Anklets or Payal

Anklets or payal with intricate designs can draw attention to your feet and enhance the overall appeal of your outfit. Opt for gold or silver anklets with green accents to keep in line with the green theme.

Summing Up!

This Navratri Day 3, let your outfit resonate with the spirit of the festival. Whether you're attending pujas, going out, or joining in the celebrations, the color green will not only keep you in sync with tradition but also bring out your inner vitality and balance.

So, go ahead, embrace the green, and celebrate Navratri with style and grace with Raisin!

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