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Stay Home. Stay Safe. Stay Stylish All Day with Raisin!

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We are certain you all are in your homes, staying safse, keeping your communities safe and ensuring we are doing our part to flatten the curve. Albeit necessary, these quarantine times can get difficult. We at Raisin are trying our best to keep you entertained by giving you great stay-at-home fashion tips, WFH style ideas and keeping your fashion quotient satisfied. Here's some stellar ideas you can incorporate in your daily #OOTD posts rather than reaching out for those PJs.

  1. Pants all day!

There is nothing quite like a comfy pair of cotton pants. A design you prefer and a fabric you will truly feel snug all day in, cotton pants are the way to spend these long, indoor days Whether it's cleaning your wardrobe, cooking up your favourite meal or working from home, taking meeting lazily in your bed, pants are a win-win! Check our Raisin's line of super comfortable cotton pants you definitely do not want to miss out having in your wardrobe!

  1. Feel fresh all day!

The best thing you can do in these difficult times is to do everything that makes you feel better in and out. And we are certain florals are the way to go. Pick up that airy and snug floral dress you have snuck away for your travel days and put it on! There's nothing wrong and wanting to feel pretty, even if it's just for your self! Raisin's latest collection Banthan's got a host of chic floral prints for you, don't forget to check them out!

  1. For the work vibes!

You are stuck at home, sending emails at the speed of light, taking 5 con-calls every hour and making sure your work is on point, we say, make your outfit on point too! A perfect checkered kurta set, light and breathable to keep you upbeat all day is the style you need to be a total WFH boss babe! Look for Raisin's breezy line of kurta sets and pick the style and design that suits you the best!

  1. Summer in, summer out!

If you can't go out during these beautiful sunny days, bring the sunny side indoors! Put on a beautiful summery dress and whisk up some of your favourite mocktails to sip onto by the balcony while you take the sun in. It's not only going to keep you breezy and light all day, but will also make up for some excellent Insta stories. Maybe even have a summer party with your besties over your routine video call! Raisin's wide range of comfy, adorable summer dresses will have you clicking "Add-To-Cart" constantly, check them out!

And there you have it! Some quick and fun ideas to brighten up your quarantine days! Till all this passes and we go back to our busy routines, don't give yourself an excuse to sulk! Cheer up by feeling better in and out with styles that keep you lively and groovy all day! And don't forget to make the most out of Raisin's Stay-At-Home Sale! Flat 30% OFF is live! Happy Shopping!

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