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Why choose cotton over any other fabric? Blog Articles
Why choose cotton over any other fabric?
June 23, 2021

The humble cotton fabric has been in use for various purposes all over the globe. It is considered the most versatile and multi-purpose fabric by everybody who has, even for once, used it in any form. Since the fabric has so many good qualities, it is the preferred choice by people of every age. But what exactly makes this fabric everyone’s favourite? Let us tell you some of the qualities of cotton which can not be provided by any other fabric. These features make it a preferable choice -

1. Great sweat absorber -

Cotton is a natural fabric that is why it is such a good sweat absorber. By default it doesn't show perspiration like synthetics do. It absorbs all the sweat of the body and then dries up in the natural air very quickly. No wonder it is claimed as the best fabric for summers.

2. Doesn’t retain odour -

Natural fibres are known to get rid of odour faster and comparatively in an easier way than the synthetic ones. This means that you need to wear Cotton whenever you are doing exercise, cooking in the kitchen or doing anything that makes you sweat. The fabric releases these stinky substances much easily and faster than any other fabric. This is the reason athletes are preferring cotton jerseys over the ones made of any other fabric.

3. Strong and durable -

Cotton is a very relaxed fabric. It is apt for anybody who does not care for their clothes much and use them in a rough way. This is the perfect fabric for your children as no matter how much they dirty their clothes, all it needs is a wash to remove all the stains. Cotton is also used as kitchen cloth for the same reason. Cotton is super strong and durable. The color of cotton fabric does not fade very easily, obviously depending upon the quality. A Cotton fabric may even last you years without the slightest change in color or without getting tarnished.

4. Easily Customisable -

Cotton has dense fabric structure, that is why it absorbs ink better than any other fabric. It is the preferred choice of fashion curators for a long time now. No wonder, any new color that becomes a trend, steps into the fashion industry with the help of cotton fabric. From making high end clothing to everyday use cloth for kitchen or garage, you will find a vast variety of cotton fabric being used everyday and by everybody.

5. All weather textile -

Whether it is those hot summer days when you sweat like a pig and need air to pass through and heat to escape the body or it is the rainy season when those few drops on your clothes make you feel awful, or even if it is winters when you just have to somehow keep yourself warm, cotton is the answer. It keeps you cool in summers. Dries up very quickly even in the rainy season and will provide insulation on the chilly winter days.

6. Low maintenance -

Cotton is definitely a low maintenance fabric. You don't need to buy special softener and detergent to clean it. It also does not require dry cleaning. You just need to use any regular detergent. Wash it by hand or wash it in the washing machine, it doesn't matter if cotton is the fabric. Sun dry it or dry it in the dryer, it requires no extra efforts of any kind.

7. Versatility -

You can choose a cotton fabric to suit any or should we say every occasion. Whether it is a casual day outing or a dressy formal meeting, or whether it is sports day, you have Cotton at your service. Based on whether it is knitted or woven, cotton is used to make a lot of other fabrics such as jeans, corduroy or lace. 

8. Comfort -

There is no doubt that cotton is a comfortable fabric. It is soft, absorbent and breathable. It is natural and hypoallergenic. It can be worn in any season. You can find a clothing item made of it in all the stores you go in. and above all, it lasts you super long. It is not everyday that a fabric is given the title of king of fabrics. 

9. Breathability -

Cotton is a material designed for wicking away moisture. It makes you stay away from sweat. It allows the heat of the body to escape very comfortably, that is how it keeps you cool. It absorbs the sweat from your body and dries up quickly. That is why a lot of people prefer wearing cotton clothes while working out.  

10. Hypoallergenic -

Being a natural fabric, cotton does not really give you any kind of allergies. Even the people with the most sensitive skin prefer cotton clothes. Until dyed in a very harsh chemical, it is safe for everybody. That is why you see newborns wrapped in cotton towels all day. 

11. No pilling -

Pills are annoying balls of tangled fibers that appear on your clothes when the fabric rubs against itself or with other material. When a fabric starts having pills, it permanently stays but it is not the case with cotton. Cotton generally doesn’t get any pills, but if it gets any, then it sheds them while being washed. Therefore, cotton fabrics always remain smooth and always appear new. 

12. Less toxic -

Being a natural fiber, Cotton does not contain any toxic chemicals. Other synthetic fibers contain a lot of toxins that can harm your skin in great measures. 

These were the reasons due to which cotton is widely preferred by people all over the globe, over any other fabric. But we really did not need to convince you to try out cotton in the first place, did we?
Tell us why you like cotton? Also, which is your favourite Cotton attire and when do you wear it?
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